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Unleashing Potential: Silversword Fencing Academy’s Guide to Nurturing Young Fencers

22/11/2023By 0 Comments

Fencing, an elegant and fiercely competitive sport that blends precision, strategy, and agility, offers a world of possibilities for young aspiring athletes. With the right guidance and training, children can not only excel in this exhilarating discipline but also develop important life skills such as discipline, focus, and perseverance....

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Silversword Fencing Academy End of Year Report 2021

22/12/2021By 0 Comments

2021 has continued to challenge us as we all learned to live with lock downs and disruptions. Through it all, SFA has grown and thrived thanks to the tenacity and generosity of our members. Our member numbers have grown through 2021 and we now run both foil and epee...

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SilverSword Fencing Academy – Class 2014

22/12/2014By 0 Comments

SilverSword Fencing Academy Although the SilverSword Fencing Academy performed a Marko-Polo travelling routine up until June 2014 – moving across the globe to expand the club as well as the techniques and teachings, the 2014 Sydney class exceeded expectations with their turn out in numbers and the rate of...

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Fencing Games Videos

08/11/2014By 0 Comments

Fencing games videos This is how to teach adolescence hand-eye coordination as well as fencing skills through games and fun activities.   Watch more fencing games videos on our YouTube channel or visit our Facebook page for moreĀ fencing games videos. Read more interesting articles about fencing on our blog...

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New Classes for Adults

22/10/2012By 0 Comments

Due to popular demand we have opened up a new class just for adults! They run on Sundays from 11-12am. For bookings or more information email:

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Adults Classes

20/10/2012By 0 Comments

Due to popular demand we have opened up a new class just for adults! They run on Sundays from 11-12am.|

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Fening Class

24/09/2012By 0 Comments

One day at the academy: Coach and student training