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Unleash Your Inner Fencer: Join SilverSword Fencing Academy for an Exciting Journey!


Have you ever dreamed of wielding a sword, engaging in thrilling battles, and mastering the art of fencing? Well, dream no more! SilverSword Fencing Academy is excited to announce its special beginners class for Term 1 on the 10th of February. To kick-start this new season, we have a...

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Loyalty to Your Fencing Club: Building a Strong Foundation for Success


In the world of fencing, loyalty to your club plays a crucial role in your development as an athlete. While it may be tempting to jump from one club to another, seeking instant success or better training opportunities, a lack of commitment can have long-lasting consequences. In this blog,...

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The Benefits of Fencing for Kids: Unleashing Physical and Mental Growth Introduction


Fencing, an ancient art that traces back to the days of duels and chivalry, has transformed into a modern-day sport that offers a plethora of benefits for children. Beyond its surface-level image of swordplay, fencing provides a unique blend of physical and mental stimulation that can positively impact a...

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Empowering Communities and Encouraging Growth


Fencing is not just a sport; it’s a way of life that fosters personal growth, builds confidence, and strengthens communities. In recent years, the impact of fencing has been evident through various outcomes that demonstrate the positive influence it has on individuals and society as a whole. From the...

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Timing in Fencing- A Brief Explanation


Foil fencing is a sport that requires precision, timing, and skill. It is known for its unique rules and techniques that set it apart from other forms of fencing. At Silversword Academy, we take pride in teaching this sport to our members, and one of the essential aspects of...

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Most Popular Kids Activity Award


ActiveActivities Most Popular 2015 Award Active Activities have announced that we have been awarded the Most Popular Kids Activities for 2015! Our volunteers and coaches have been working tirelessly towards the SilverSword Fencing Academy’s milestone of  developing and promoting our students’ mental and physical potential by relying on fencing as a kid’s activity....

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Fencing Classes at Helesburgh 2508 Magazine


A quick interview and promotional editorial with our local Helensburgh newspaper/magazine, 2508. The magazine has promoted our club from Engadine Saturday fencing classes as well as Helensburgh Wednesday fencing classes. Stay tuned, we will announce the Silversword Fencing Academy summer camp soon so that parents can start planning their summers...

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Wollongong fencer cuts through her opposition


Wollongong fencer cuts through her opposition By AGRON LATIFI June 29, 2015, 3:13 p.m. Wollongong fencer Courtney Buchanan is heading to South Africa to compete at the Commonwealth Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships. Picture: ADAM McLEAN Wollongong fencer Courtney Buchanan is heading to South Africa to compete at the...

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Fencing Lessons Wollongong, Illawarra Mercury News: Silversword Fencing Academy Helensburgh Openning

24/06/2015 Helensburgh fencing academy to open Fairfax Regional Media Aspiring young fencers will soon be “en garde” in the northern Illawarra, with a new academy to open in Helensburgh next month. Aspiring young fencers will soon be “en garde” in the northern Illawarra, with a new academy to open...

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SilverSword Fencing Gets Interviewed – Fencing Interview


Fencing Interview The SilverSword Fencing Academy got a visit from the local newspaper, The Leader. The academy put on a typical demonstration of training and exercises that happen at the SilverSword Fencing Academy for the newspaper’s representative.