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Silversword Fencing Academy

Sydney fencing club – Our location map

Visit SilverSword Sydney fencing club at Engadine Boys Town Club New South Wales. Call or email us for any questions, quotes, or inquiry about fencing classes for adults or kids. You can also visit our timetable page, price page for the best rates and more details.

Sydney Fencing Club (SilverSword) – Engaidne Boys-Town

225-227 Woronora Road (boystown),
Engadine, NSW 2233


Sydney Fencing Club (SilverSword) – Helensburgh Community Centre

26 Walker Street, Helensburgh, NSW 2508

Dr Arash Karpour

Mobile: 0401 519 851

Julia Karpour

Mobile: 0421 194 199

Yousef Alaghehband

(Montreal – Canada)
Mobile: +1 5142611315

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