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Pirates of the Caribbean


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Why fencing is an excellent sport for kids?


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Tapering in fencing



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Moon Over Buffalo Production and Sword Fighting


We had a pleasure of working with talented actor, Emmanuel Nicolaou and actress, Lynda Leavers, choreographing the sword fighting part of the “Moon Over Buffalo” production. Special thanks goes to Tom Richards, director and Christine Weeks, Wardrobe & Props. We had the pleasure of seeing this play performed and...

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Courtney’s Fencing Win Reported by WIN News


Meet Courtney Courtney’s sportsmanship is a fencing win in and of itself. It is also an aspiration to the young and adult fencers at the Silversword Fencing Academy. The attitude she brings to the club continuously illustrates fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors. WIN...

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Fencing Games Videos


Fencing games videos This is how to teach adolescence hand-eye coordination as well as fencing skills through games and fun activities.   Watch more fencing games videos on our YouTube channel or visit our Facebook page for more fencing games videos. Read more interesting articles about fencing on our blog...

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Silversword Musketeer Fencing Game


The emphasis of the sport of fencing is on individual performance. Even in competition, team events are the collective results of individuals fencing each other in a single queue. Ever since 2002, I have been trying to design a fencing game where a team of fencers faces their opponents...