SILVERSWORD Fencing Coaches and Instructors


Dr Arash Karpour (Foil, Saber, and Epee)

Nationally Accredited Coach

Senior First Aid Officer


Silversword Fencing Club Head Coach –  Responsibilities include designing and training plans for the club’s representative fencers. training and organizing the in-house coaches and trainers, group lessons and private lessons for the fencers, 2002 – on going. Arash updates his fencing knowledge and skills in Italy on annual basis.

New South Wales National Squad Coach– As a New South Wales State cadet fencing coach, Arash worked and trained with the Australian head coach.  2009- 2012

New South Wales State Coaching Commission member– A limited numbers of fencing coaches are selected by the New South Wales fencing executives to monitor and implement programs for coaching. These programs are to improve the general coaching quality across the state. 2009 – 2011

University of New South Wales Coach –  University of New South Wales foil coach. Responsibilities were organizing, managing and planning the training scheme for the trainees, group lessons and private /one-on-one lessons. Selector and manager of the UNSWFC representative team for Australian University Games (AUG). 2004- 2014


fencing coaches - Julia Royal

Julia Karpour (Foil, Saber)

Nationally Accredited Fencing Coach

Senior First Aid Officer


Trained and licensed under Maestro Antonio Signorello, Julia began fencing in 2003 at the UNSW fencing club. There she was actively involved in the club as the club treasurer. She has represented the University of New South Wales at various competitions around Australia where she collected a range of medals and trophies.

Julia completed her Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Education, and Masters of Music degrees at the University of New South Wales. In these she studied and worked with primary aged students, specialising in high school students. She is currently teaching music with the NSW Department of Education and Training.

Julia has been coaching at the SilverSword fencing Club since 2003.

  • UNSW Fencing Club Representative Team Member
  • UNSW Fencing Club Representative State Championships 2004, 2005
  • 2005 – Melbourne Intervarsity Games Gold Medalist

Tanya Buchanan (Foil)

Nationally Accredited Coach

Field Coach


Tanya has worked and trained in foil under Dr Arash Karpour. She is responsible for the weekly coaching of fitness and coordination training at the club. With foil as her expertise, Tanya develops a weekly regime to enhance young foilists basic understanding of fencing. She brings a highly skilled and professional attitude to SilverSword.


Leah Mangion (Foil)

Nationally Accredited Coach

Senior First Aid Officer


Leah is one of highest ranking fencers in the country. She currently is an Australian National Team representative in national and international tournaments around the world. Leah is both a competent and skilled coach who trains Silversword’s young fencers. She actively coaches and plans the fitness and coordination training for the under 15s, under 13s and under 11s at the club. She brings a highly skilled and professional attitude to SilverSword.

fencing coaches - ali karpour

Ali Karpour

Fitness Coach


Ali has trained many athletes in various fields and sporting backgrounds. He has dedicated many years to the sport of fencing and boxing. Ali conducts the conditioning and general fitness training at the club.

Mitch Brack2

Mitchell Brack

Fitness and Training Coach


Mitch is a certified level 4 fitness instructor. His responsibilities are:

  • Plan & deliver exercise for older adults with managed conditions
  • Plan & deliver exercise children & young adults.
  • Plan and deliver exercise programs to support body composition
  • Undertake appraisal of functional movement
  • Instruct strength & conditioning techniques
  • Develop strength & conditioning programs
  • Plan & deliver personal training
  • Apply motivation psychology on exercise behaviour
  • Work collaboratively with medical & allied professionals

Yousef Alaghehband

International Coach


  • International Coach in different countries such as Canada, Iran, China and U.S.A
  • International Fencing Federation ( F.I.E ) Certified master Coach
  • Reward Certificate from Asia Fencing Confederation
  • Certified Coach from Canada, Iran and USA fencing federations.
  •  Coach of VANGO Fencing Center in Shanghai. – China- 2015-2016
  •  Guest – Coach at Silversword Fencing Academy – Australia- 2015-2016
  • Coach of Canadian National Wheelchair Fencing Team – Canada- 2011-2014
  • Coach of Canadian Fencing Club –  Canada – 2012-2014
  • Coach of International Fencing  Academy – USA- 2010-2011
  • Ex- Coach of Esfahan Fencing Committee – Iran – 2004-2010