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Sword Engraving – Ancient Art of Engraving on a Sword’s Guard

Sword Engraving

Sword Engraving youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN1vDDiv3k8   A brief demonstration of ancient Persian sword engraving (Ghalam-zani) on the guard of a sword. This is the first time this art form has been placed on a fencing foil guard. This endeavour was sponsored by the SilverSword Fencing Academy. Order your foil guard now from our online shop. […]

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General News from New Zealand Results

medals after the competition

General News from New Zealand Results The competition was held in Wellington, NZ on Sunday the 7th of November 2010. Arash took 6 NSW fencers to compete with the New Zealanders. 24 competitors came to test their skills upon one another. Our four U13 girls ranked in the top four places, beating all of the […]

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Kids Fencing

Family friendly classes for parents and kids Boost your confidence, Get fit, Compete at State, National and International levels.|http://silversword.com.au/academy/timetable/

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Adults Classes

Due to popular demand we have opened up a new class just for adults! They run on Sundays from 11-12am.|http://silversword.com.au/academy/timetable/

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Which one is better; long sword or curved sword?

The Shamshir long sword

Any sword ever made is a result of a series of compromises that depends on the application and the characteristics of that sword. Technology and talent of the craftsmen at that time had a great effect on the design of sword. There are tradeoffs every time a sword design must place one characteristic above another. […]

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Fening Class

One day at the academy: Coach and student training

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Advantages of long sword

A long sword might lack the swinging power and the swiftness of the curved sword however it has other applications and advantages. A longer reach and thrusting ability is one of many advantages of the long sword. It is proven that a thrusting stab is lot harder to defend against. The long sword inflicts a […]

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Analysing and comparing the long sword and curved sword in a battle

Holding a long straight sword on a horse back charging fast toward your opponent, the window of striking the sword with its maximum and effective power is very small. The sword has to land with maximum blade contact. Assuming you are a highly skill swordsman and you make that small window, by the time the […]

More Precise than Precise

Coach in Canon Ad

Guess who the fencing celebrity is? The photo shoot above was done by Canon for an up coming advertisement for their new printers. The motto is ” More Precise than Precise”.

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