A long sword might lack the swinging power and the swiftness of the curved sword however it has other applications and advantages. A longer reach and thrusting ability is one of many advantages of the long sword. It is proven that a thrusting stab is lot harder to defend against. The long sword inflicts a fatal wound from a farther distance and it is faster. The geometry of a straight weapon means its thrust hits more quickly and is more deceiving than a curved sword. The attacker is also less exposed.

The long sword was designed and built by the Europeans. It penetrates through a relatively heavy armour a lot more effectively than a curved sword.

The straightness of the blade presents more control. The mechanics and the geometry of the sword produce a higher capacity of defensiveness. It is easier to parry against an attack and repost with relatively good accuracy. Thus the blade becomes an extension of the forearm. This characteristic gives the wielder more control over the blade.

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