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Unleash Your Inner Fencer: Join SilverSword Fencing Academy for an Exciting Journey!

14/01/2024By 0 Comments

Have you ever dreamed of wielding a sword, engaging in thrilling battles, and mastering the art of fencing? Well, dream no more! SilverSword Fencing Academy is excited to announce its special beginners class for Term 1 on the 10th of February. To kick-start this new season, we have a...

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Unleashing Potential: Silversword Fencing Academy’s Guide to Nurturing Young Fencers

22/11/2023By 0 Comments

Fencing, an elegant and fiercely competitive sport that blends precision, strategy, and agility, offers a world of possibilities for young aspiring athletes. With the right guidance and training, children can not only excel in this exhilarating discipline but also develop important life skills such as discipline, focus, and perseverance....

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Silversword International Camp 2016

24/10/2016By 0 Comments

The Trip Silversword Fencing Academy organised a camp with her allied clubs in Escrime PAYS D’Aix, in Aix-en-Provence, France and Escrime Antonio Di Ciolo, in Pisa, Italy. The Silversword coaching methods and philosophies are very similar to these two European clubs, which have proven highly effective producing successful fencers...

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Wollongong fencer cuts through her opposition

01/07/2015By 0 Comments

Wollongong fencer cuts through her opposition By AGRON LATIFI June 29, 2015, 3:13 p.m. Wollongong fencer Courtney Buchanan is heading to South Africa to compete at the Commonwealth Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships. Picture: ADAM McLEAN Wollongong fencer Courtney Buchanan is heading to South Africa to compete at the...

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Fencing Achievement

26/09/2012By 0 Comments

Kids’ fencing achievement and certification.

Joy’s World interviews SilverSword

17/02/2012By 0 Comments

An interview on Joy’s World with Arash and Julia Karpour from the SilverSword Fencing Academy. Aired on TVS.