The emphasis of the sport of fencing is on individual performance. Even in competition, team events are the collective results of individuals fencing each other in a single queue. Ever since 2002, I have been trying to design a fencing game where a team of fencers faces their opponents as a simultaneous, collective team, something similar to a football line up. Having two teams fencing each other simultaneously was loosely tried here or there around the world but there was a lack of solid rules and boundaries. This made the game unbalanced through having one or two good fencers on one side.

Silversword Fencing Game

SilverSword has developed this game at the club to include strict rules and regulations. In doing so, these regulations have turned the game into an enjoyable, safe and competitive game while increasing team building and individual confidence. These were aspects I had been trying to promote through games.
I managed to successfully design, patent and cater the program similar to other team events. The teams have various option of set up in terms of front liners, mid-fielders and defenders.
I have accommodated for various groups including team building programs in professional companies as well as kids doing the musketeer games playfully. The nature of the game is to support your team mates through the battle to victory or defending your position to the last person standing. This encourages team bonding, mate-ship as well as leadership.
The role of the leader in the fencing game rotates amongst the team members in order to build leadership characteristics among the members regardless of age, gender or status.