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The Benefits of Fencing for Kids: Unleashing Physical and Mental Growth Introduction

07/10/2023By 0 Comments

Fencing, an ancient art that traces back to the days of duels and chivalry, has transformed into a modern-day sport that offers a plethora of benefits for children. Beyond its surface-level image of swordplay, fencing provides a unique blend of physical and mental stimulation that can positively impact a...

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Fencing Foil History

30/09/2016By 0 Comments

The fencing foil has long been used in sword training. In fact, it get its name from the way that swords were detailed in order to make them safer to train with. Today, it’s one of the most popular forms of fencing that is used in training and competition....

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Fencers group picture

26/09/2012By 0 Comments

SilverSword’s choaces and fencers

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What is the advantage of a curved sword?

29/07/2012By 0 Comments

Why would the Crusaders have preferred straight swords while the Arabs and Turkish armies of the same period preferred scimitars? We know for a fact that the mechanics of the sword has a direct relation to its geometry. In curved blades the angle of the approach or the point...