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Meet Foilist Jesse

Silversword Fencing Academy would like to introduce Jesse, one of our top athletes and an accomplished foilist in the country. Jesse started fencing when he was in junior high and since he has only improved and excelled at the sport.  Jesse won the Australian National Team Championships in 2013 and been actively representing Australia at […]

Up Coming International Competition

Up Coming International Competition Sept 8 – 9 Singapore Minime Fencing Championships (U/10 – U/12) – No Teams Sept 9 – 11 (U/14 Individual & Team) Arash is taking a representative team up to Singapore so if you are interested please contact Leslie Witkop to organise your trip. The approximate expense calculated by NSW Fencing […]

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SilverSword International results

nsw team before the competition

Results for the U13 Baby Champegne Championships – New Zealand 1st place = Beatrice Hay 2nd place = Alice Quinne 3rd place= Olivia Ling 4th place = Rebekah Shiba Results for the U11 Baby Champegne Championships – New Zealand 4th place = Corey Spiteri 5th place = Phoebe Queen

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