Silversword Fencing Academy Championship

The end of Term 1 arrived and, by popular demand, the academy organised a handicapped championship for our members in three categories – under 9’s, under 15’s and Open age groups.

We were delighted to see the championship carried out with high quality techniques and performances from all members involved. We would like to thank every volunteer who helped make this day possible.

We received such positive feedback from our members about the day that we hope to organise similar championships in the second quarter. We look forward to seeing everyone then, have a safe and memorable holiday.

The SilverSword Fencing Academy.


Under 9 Results;

Under 9’s

1st Loredana Garner

2nd Luca Garner

3rd Jozal Karpour

Under 15’s Results;

1st Connor Chapman

2nd Patrick O’Donnell

3rd Daniel McNaughton

3rd Nicholas Stokes

5th Veronica McPhee

6th Chris Hamlet

Open Results;

1st Jack Van Vreumengen

2nd Evan Chalson

3rd Daniel McNaughton

3rd Peter O’Donnell

5th Colleen Stokes

6th Chris Garner

7th Ivana Garner

8th Joshua Lane

9th Xavier Rozanc

10th Riley Martin