This is a small tribute to grand Maestro Antonio Di Ciolo from Silversword Fencing Academy.  During my work and training with him at Pisa in September 2015, I became  fascinated and enticed with the idea and philosophy of developing champions from the young age. Concept of evolving that innate and instinct feelings kids have to absorb complex coordination skills like a sponge. In a coaching conference held later that year, Maestro Di Ciolo demonstrated a few ideas on how to harness that innate ability of the youngsters to develop them into elite athletes.

This clip demonstrates my improvisation and the application of the philosophy. This is one of my many ideas and a small window into the infinite science of fencing and how to bring up little champions in the sport.

The balance board seen in this clip is a gift from Maestro Antonio Di Ciolo. A hint to prioritise balancing and hand eye coordination training. Which is now part of our routine exercise at the Silversword Fencing Academy.