At SFA we like to focus on progress towards good fencing. This means that you don’t always get the results you want right now because you focus on becoming a better fencer down the track. This is especially true of our younger/newer fencers.
There are two kinds of goals: effort goals and outcome goals. Ranking results are outcome goals and whilst we congratulate our fencers who are in the top 10 we also recognise the efforts of those whose names might not be on these lists in the top 10 but who are working hard at every training session and competition to improve their fencing. We see your effort and we are proud of you.
As at end of July here are our NSW top 10 result holders:

Womens Foil: 4th Tanya Buchanan and 7th Colleen Stokes
Womens Epee: 8th Tanya Buchanan

Womens Epee 7th Courtney Buchanan
Mens Foil 10th Jack Van Vreumingen

Womens Epee 3rd Courtney Buchanan
Womens Foil 10th Courtney Buchanan

Womens Epee 7th Courtney Buchanan
Mens Epee 4th Jonas Dowson
Womens Foil 8th Courtney Buchanan

Womens Foil 4th Mei Mei Mitchell

Womens Foil: 3rd Ashlin Stokes

Womens Foil: =1st Ashlin Stokes and 4th Grace Oastler

Mens Foil: 7th Daniel McNaughton

Womens Foil 2nd Loredana Garner and 3rd Jozal Karpour
Mens Foil: 3rd Luca Garner

Overall the club is in 6th place from 21 clubs in NSW. Well done to all our fencers who have contributed to the points tally
by showing up and competing regardless of your results.

And of course we need to pay special tribute to our head coach Arash who led the Aus foil teams at the Cadet and Junior Commonwealths. Congratulations to you and the fencers for their podium finishes,