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When US Olympian¬† Miles Chamley-Watson took his first fencing class, it wasn’t because he had any real interest in the sport. It wasn’t even because he felt like the outfits were cool. It was because he was getting into too much trouble doing anything else. Like any kid, he also thought swords were cool. Unable to sit still in school, Miles got into a lot of trouble and ended up staying after school as punishment. Since his options were to play chess or try fencing, he made the most logical choice for a 9 year old who has no interest in sitting around school for another couple of hours; he picked up a sword.

Today, Miles has a list of accomplishments, including being the first American to win the individual Senior World Championship. He is also a model, and hopes to change the way the world perceives fencing. Miles Chamley-Watson has walked the carpet for big names like Ralph Lauren and Rolling Stone. His hope is that he can help the world see fencing as sexy again and he isn’t relying on hi 6’4″ tattoo covered body to get it done. Instead, he started with a bronze at the Junior Olympics at the age of 13 and has been going strong ever since.