Most of us can remember being taught some specific skills or sports during our physical education class that might have led us to follow up with more training and a passion for a specific sport. Some of the sports and skills introduced may have been gymnastics, wrestling or even fencing as well as the usual team sports. The integration of introductory classes in everything from dance to fencing is a great way to find students who are interested in and have a talent for certain activities. This includes fencing classes.

Intro to Fencing

Fencing is a very physical sport that also challenges the mind. Strategy, decision making and discipline are the foundations of this sport. By introducing young students to this sport during their school day they have a chance to learn about it and give it a try without having to enroll in a full fencing class outside of school. This gives student the opportunity to see how they like the sport and it gives instructors a chance to evaluate their interest and skills. If a student is interested and shows talent with fencing the instructor can then make arrangements with the parents to visit a fencing academy and see whether they want their child to pursue the sport.


When the school works with a nationally accredited fencing coach and students learn fencing safely using the appropriate protective gear and equipment you don’t have to worry about anyone accidentally getting hurt and the program can take place during your regular school day so there is no disruption. Because fencing is an Olympic sport this provides children with a potential goal and real possibilities for their future. Fencing is great for students who don’t do well with team sports, are a little introverted or not as big and strong as those who play other sports.

An introduction to fencing class during a school day is an exciting way to teach children to be eager to learn something new!