Homeschooling means overcoming challenges that may not be faced in public schools, like plentiful socializing or physical activity. That’s not to say it’s not the best choice for some, with some creative problem solving. Homeschooling with fencing may just be the best solution for some homeschool students who want to solve the riddle of socializing and getting enough physical activity while getting an education at home.


Many social encounters are devoid of the kind of lessons we want for our children. But, with a bit of guidance, they can provide just the right format to reinforce the social ideals you want most for your kids, like how important respect and teamwork are as opposed to the latest fashion trends and local gossip. When children have social goals to reach, like making their best effort to support a team or refine their own skills, they’re uplifted by social settings, as opposed to being dragged down by them.

Physical Activity

Fencing isn’t just about learning new rules, respect, and strategy. It’s also about making the most of your own skills an building on them in order to have the best competition possible. It’s about challenging yourself to meet the mark and bring your opponent a worthy and respectful adversary. In this way, students get to set their own physical goals based on what they need to to do to enhance their performance. Maybe they want to become faster or more agile. If so, and when they are encouraged to do so, those students will start taking on their own physical challenges.

When children are faced with opportunities for growth, you’ll find that they soon start leading themselves toward achievements. Fencing, with its respectful history and team spirit, may be just the place for homeschool students to hone their skills and open up a whole new world of potential life lessons.