There is no doubt that there is some value to a child playing team sports. Fencing is just as valuable as other team sports and in some ways, even more so. This is because of the individual element involved in fencing. Rather than all players working toward a goal at one time, fencing teams allow each individual to support the team efforts on their own. There is value in that now and in their future.

Current Fencing Team Values

It is important for young people to understand how to work in a team atmosphere. At the same time, it can sometimes be easy for a child or even an adult to hide behind the efforts of the team. Many times when this happens it is not that the child is lacking in skill. It is simply that the child is lacking in faith in themselves. The ongoing practice efforts can help boost self-esteem so that when the time comes for the child to demonstrate his or her skills, they feel confident with all eyes on them.

Future Fencing Team Values

There is no activity that only lends value to the activity itself. Everything that a person done flows into other activities and how they manage them. Fencing is one of the unique sports that lets an individual focus on their own efforts while understanding that they are part of the larger picture. That is to say they are not just trying to develop themselves, but trying to help support the team as well. This holds value in the future, when the child is an adult and seeking to help support a company, community, or even a family. He or she will already be aware of how their own actions affect the larger picture as a whole.

In today’s world, where it can sometimes seem as if everyone is out for themselves, the values taught in fencing lessons cannot be overlooked. Team sports that allow individuals to each have equal amount of time in the spotlight go a long way toward teaching that individual to respect their power and how it affects the people around them.