Fencers who own a smartgadget will be happy to know that there are fencing apps on the mobile market. Whether you’re looking for help in maintaining your equipment or an app that can keep track of match points, you will find what you’re looking for within the mobile market. Here are several options that can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

Riposte is an app that fencing officials can use during matches. It keeps track of scores, time, cards, and the period of each fencing match. Riposte has an easy-to-understand interface and most screen elements can be activated relatively easily. Riposte’s other features include an automatic timer for rest periods during each match, an alarm to alert users of an upcoming match, and a tool to adjust a player’s score.

Fencer Resources
Fencer Resources is a must-have app for all fencers. It allows users to find a fencing outlet near them and provide information on basic equipment troubleshooting. For people who are enthralled by fencing tournaments, the app provides event ratings for major fencing tournaments around the world.

FIE Fencing
The Fédération Internationale d’Escrime app presents everything there is to know about the sport. It also gives information on popular fencing athletes as well as news about the latest fencing events around the world. FIE Fencing also has photos, video tutorials, and a direct feed to the federation’s official twitter account.

Apps such as these show that mobile phones aren’t just for gaming and music; they can also be very useful for aiding the efficiency of playing various sports. Gaming Realms, the core operator of entertainment site Pocket Fruity, states that the mobile app market will grow to a $42-billion industry by 2015. These figures serve to inspire developers to create apps that cater even to the smallest and most particular of markets. With the future of mobile development so bright, fencers can look forward to seeing more fencing apps in the years to come.