Many parents choose to have their children participate in team sports from an early age. This helps the child learn about teamwork, achieving goals, and sportsmanship. Fencing is not typically considered a team sport. This athletic endeavor is more for helping a child achieve personal goals, taking personal responsibility and accepting the challenge not necessarily to defeat an opponent but to best themselves continually. Sport fencing and when to begin is really up to the parent, the child, and the fencing instructor. There are children who begin training in fencing as early as age 5 while others aren’t ready for the discipline and dexterity required until a few years later.

Fencing is an Olympic Sport

As with all Olympic sports, the earlier a child begins the earlier you may see potential for Olympic dreams. The discipline involved in fencing is a major part of determining who has what it takes to go all the way. Starting young can give your child an advantage and a head start toward future goals.

Beginner Classes

Most fencing academies begin children’s beginner classes at age 6. Kids are taught the basics of the sport in a group environment with plastic swords. This gives children, parents and instructors a chance to see how the child takes to fencing and will help determine whether advancing through classes is a goal the child should take or not.

Maturity Matters

There is a great deal of dedication, discipline and fitness required for fencing. As a child matures he or she may be ready to be introduced to this sport when they were not ready at 5 or 6 years of age. Each child is different and there is no hard and fast rule as to when the best time is to begin fencing.

If your child is showing an interest in sport fencing or you would like to introduce him to fencing, consider a one day visit or beginner class to see how he takes to it.