So you’ve started taking fencing lessons and you’re falling in love with your new hobby. The problem? Not a lot of people you know really know about or understand fencing and you’re not sure how to share your new hobby without boring them to tears. Don’t hide your love of the sport!

Show Your Friends Your Gear

It doesn’t matter if your friends understand fencing – everyone loves seeing a new sword or piece of sporting equipment. Showing your friends what your fencing swords look like, letting them hold them, and talking about them will make them feel like they’ve had an experience they’ve only seen or heard about in movies.

Watch a Movie

Seriously. The Princess Bride, anyone? How about Star Wars? A good sword fighting scene, especially in The Princess Bride, is a great segue into a conversation about how you get to actually fence in real life. Fencing will suddenly become very real and worth talking about.

Invite Your Friends to a Class

Ask your coaches about when friends might be permitted to watch or participate in a class. There are often classes where beginners can bring friends for a trial class, or just to watch and have an experience. Simply ask your friends to join you from time to time. They’ll probably have a great time, even if they ultimately decide fencing isn’t the sport for them.

Share Fencing Videos

Use your love of social media to share fencing with your friends. Share some of the competition videos, great bouts, tutorials, and even funny technique videos you find on your social channels. Your friends will become used to seeing and hearing you talk about fencing and may become more interested.

Surround Yourself with People with Similar Interests

It’s OK if your non-fencing circle of friends doesn’t “get” fencing. One of the great things about fencing is that you’re going to meet tons of new people in your classes and at tournaments. Not everyone in your life has to share a similar interest – but those who do will truly get your passion.

Fencing is an incredible sport, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. You’ll develop strong relationships, build great friendships, and create memories that will last you a lifetime, no matter how long you stick with the sport. Don’t feel like you have to hide your passion for a sport you love. Embrace it and enjoy!