Silversword Fencing Academy celebrates the up coming Easter break with games and training

Fencing sport classes - Silversword Academy Term 1 2015

Fencing Sport Classes

Silversword Fencing Academy celebrated the end of the fencing sport classes (term 1) by small lessons, training and fun games. To match up with the fast pace at which the world is moving, you need to have the weapon of speed in the armour of your personality.  Being able to move around quickly, think quickly and make decisions quickly – all these are necessary skills for the modern day warfare. Fencing games facilitates the practice all these skills on the playground and give a chance to go on with your improved skills in the battleground of the school, work place and perform better.

The celebration continued from class 1 into the class 2 with some of the fencing parents joining in the games. Musketeers was the favorite game of all times followed by the glove games.

Silversowrd wishing everyone a happy Easter. See you in term 2.