We’ve talked a bit about fencing with kids, attending tournaments, and what fencing gear to buy. This time around, let’s have a bit of fencing fun instead. If you’re a seasoned fencer, you know that the sport comes with certain facts that can be pretty humorous. Our involvement in fencing gives us a unique glimpse at not only how fencing works, but how non-fencers see us, too. That’s where these six slightly-silly and more-than-a-little-true facts come from.

The Olympics = Increased Popularity

You love the sport year-round, and remain dedicated to it. The public, however, can be much more fickle–at least until the Olympics roll around. Once they arrive, it seems that everyone and their uncle suddenly finds swordfighting fascinating. The more the merrier!

It’s Not Always Glamorous

Fencing is rife with public misconception, but you know better. There’s a perception that it’s always effortless, glamorous, and more like a graceful dance. Anyone who’s spent time training for a tournament knows that grace is something that comes only after much practice. Hard work and perseverance is what will escalate you to a point where you achieve that grace.

Fencing is an Original Olympic Sport

What do figure skating, tobogganing, and hockey have in common? They all became Olympic sports long after the Olympics were first created. Fencing, as a matter of fact, shares the esteemed history of being one of only four original Olympic sports alongside swimming, athletics, and gymnastics.

It’s a Crazy Workout

Forget Tai Bo — it’s fencing that will get you the results you want if you’re trying to slim down. Most professional fencers are slim and trim, and with good reason: fencing works out just about every muscle in your body and your brain, too. It requires laser-like focus and precision, and over time, most will find it results in better muscle tone and endurance, too.

You Fenced as a Child (With Toys)

You were the kid who spent much of their childhood running around with cardboard or plastic swords. You challenged all of your friends and maybe got into trouble once or twice for being just a little too competitive. Today, you’re much more controlled and know that fencing is a serious sport that’s about so much more than just fun. Fun is just a bonus!

Your Sword is Faster than a Speeding Bullet

There’s a fantastic scientific reason behind you feel like fencing is full of magic. It doesn’t just feel fast; it IS fast, too! Research shows that the average fencer’s blade moves faster than a speeding bullet. Can basketball, football, or rugby make that claim? Definitely not!

At the end of the day, fencing is just a truly special sport. Whether you’re considering getting involved for the first time or you’re a seasoned fencer, SilverSword wants to help you excel. Contact us today for more information on local classes.