Let’s face it. Not every child is going to end up with a list of beloved sports, simply shifting focus from season to season. Even still, sports activities help to develop social skills, promote teamwork, and practice healthy lifestyle habits. While not every child will end up playing an intense contact sport, there’s definitely something to be said for taking part in a competitive activity, whether it’s fencing or not.

The Social and Emotional Benefits

  • When handled properly, kids have the chance to see how their hard work pays off. Even if they aren’t winning every game or match, they should be able to see improvements, or learn how to assess their own achievements as compared to their last competition.
  • As time passes, children who spend time in sports have higher confidence and self-esteem levels. They learn to set and work towards their own goals within realistic timeframes.
  • Children on sports teams develop friendships outside of their normal school or family circles. They’re also forced to interact face-to-face instead of via social media or phone apps.

The Physical Benefits

  • Every hour spent in practice or in competition is an hour less spent on video games or other sedentary activities. Physical fitness becomes a regular part of your child’s daily life.
  • Sporting events keep kids moving, which means they’re more likely to have lower body fat ratios, higher lean muscle mass ratios, healthier bones, and healthier hearts.
  • Physical activity, especially structured sports, have a long-term effect on a child’s mental health. Kids who are more active tend to be less depressed and may even become less prone to risky behavior patterns (like smoking or alcohol abuse) later in life. 

Of course we’d love every kid we meet to try and fall in love with fencing, but what we really hope is that every kid gives at least one physical activity a try. Even those who don’t want to play sports like soccer or baseball can still gain the benefit of a team atmosphere by participating in things like fencing, martial arts, or track and field sports. There are so many options to choose from; we can’t wait to hear what your families are into!