The sport of fencing artfully combines physical power and intellect into a competition that is not only fun to watch (or participate in) but incredibly healthy as well. Whether you love other sports or have struggled to fit in, you may just find that fencing is the missing piece to your athletic puzzle.

Seriously, It’s Great Exercise

While to the naked eye it simply looks like fencers are merely moving back and forth in a straight line, the truth is that the exercise takes a ton of leg power and cardiovascular endurance. The work you have to put in to develop great footwork and quickness is astounding. You’ll burn calories, reduce stress, and develop new levels of strength and flexibility. You’ll feel great – physically and mentally.

Confidence is Learned

Fencing is incredible in that you have coaches and teammates to cheer you on while at the same time you find yourself competing individually – with your opponents and with yourself. Most of our fencing students grow tremendously in terms of self-confidence, self-esteem, sportsmanship, chivalry, respect, teamwork, leadership, and endurance. These attributes translate well into every other aspect of life, from school to home to work.

Children, especially, also learn a great deal about responsibility and trust. It’s not everyday a child is allowed to play with a sword, even one that isn’t sharp. Children and adults alike learn a great deal about the responsibility that comes with working with a weapon, especially when training with another human being.



Rich Historic Background


It’s not like someone woke up one day and decided to start swordfighting for sport. Fencing has been around since the 13th century and is rich with history and tradition, from the stances to the sword techniques. The sport has evolved over time, of course, but knowing you are participating in the evolution of a sport that will likely continue for years to come is incredibly enlightening.


Friendships that Last a Lifetime


We train together. We ache together. We learn together. We make mistakes together. We accomplish things together. Whether we’re working out or headed to a competition, the camaraderie isn’t something that can be easily replaced. We push each other to be better – for ourselves and for the team. The bonds we form throughout our fencing journeys are strong and are very likely to last for years to come.

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