The holiday season is here. Whether you have a new or seasoned fencer in your life, you are probably wondering exactly what type of gift would really appeal to their tastes. We have some easy but cool ideas to get you started.

Private Lessons

We get it — we really do. Private lessons cost more than group lessons, so they’re viewed as a bit of a commodity. This is especially true for beginners. That’s why a gift certificate for a private fencing session or two will really excite the budding (or advanced) fencer in your life. One-on-one time with a seasoned coach is priceless.

Post-Workout or Tournament Recovery Items

There’s no doubt about it. Fencing can be a great workout, especially if you’re focused on working hard in a tournament. Put together a bunch of essentials the fencer in your life can use to recover after a hard week of training or a particularly challenging tournament. Include things like:

  • Tiger Balm or another favorite muscle rub to soothe away some of the soreness
  • Bath salts for soaking in the tub (especially great for female fencers)
  • A rolling stick; a hand-held massage stick you can roll over sore muscles
  • Foam rollers are great for relieving pain and tension in larger muscle groups
  • High-protein snacks or snack bars for a quick on-the-go treat
  • Personalized water bottles to encourage hydration during workouts

Fencing Books

Books are great choices for new and seasoned fencers. Fencing is My Life is the autobiography of Sergei Golubitsky, a renowned modern foilist. By the Sword is a great read for those who are really into the history of the sport. Younger fencers may particularly enjoy The Best Ever Book of Fencing Jokes or the Fencing Coloring Book. You’ll find something appropriate for just about any age group.

New Fencing Gear

A lot of parents hesitate to invest in top-of-the-line fencing gear when their kids are just starting out. Seasoned fencers tend to be a bit frugal or get attached to their gear, often ignoring the fact that it’s long past time to replace some of it. New gloves, shoes, or even a new foil, épée, or sabre will all make the fencer in your life very happy.

Not sure what type of gear your budding fencer could really use? Don’t be afraid to reach out to a coach for suggestions or ideas. They may have more personalized ideas based on where your loved one currently is with their training. No matter what you end up with, your recipient is bound to be very pleased.