The New Year is here! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and had a fabulous time celebrating with family and friends. We know you probably have a few resolutions or goals that pertain to your fencing practice, so here we are to offer a few more suggestions as to how you can elevate yourself to the next level.

Stop Judging Others

Stop judging other fencers and, more important, stop comparing yourself to your peers. Everyone progresses at their own level. Some people pick up techniques faster than others. Don’t be jealous of those who are advancing faster than you are; and don’t judge those moving at a slower pace.

Take every opportunity you can to focus on your own progress and training. Even better? Make a moment to congratulate the peer you see doing very well; or to train with the teammate who needs a little extra practice.

Be Present

Too many fencers hit the floor after a long day of work or school, focused more on what else needs to be done in their day than on their training. They end up looking up at the clock over and over again. Stop. Focus.

Your training session is a set amount of time. Make a promise to yourself to step on the floor and stay present when going through your drills. Don’t look at the clock. We promise we’ll let you know when your session is over. You’ll enjoy it more, and will progress faster, if you can let go of distraction and simply train.

Love the Sport, Not the Medals

There are a lot of things you can control about fencing, especially when it comes to the time and effort you put into your training and how much you advance your skills. Everything after that is a matter of chance. You’ll never know who your next opponent is until your match. You can’t predict how a referee will see a point.

Don’t let a loss at a tournament dictate your love for fencing. Tournaments are experiences, whether you win or lose. You’ll walk away with new knowledge for advancing your skills. We’d rather you love what you’re doing when you practice and compete than be focused solely on winning medals.

No matter what goals you set, your coaches are here to help you achieve them. Make sure you communicate and let us know what you’d like to accomplish in 2019. It’s our pleasure to help you along the path to success!