As April soon gives way to May with the approach of winter, you might feel the stretch of underworked muscles and wonder how you can keep your competitive edge and stay in shape during the cold months. The sport of fencing is undertaken indoors, and offers a number of health benefits that make it an attractive option for staying active as the weather turns colder and less pleasant.

  1. Full-Body Workout

From your feet to your neck, fencing gives you a full-body workout that demands that you develop strength, flexibility, speed, agility and more to effectively spar with your opponents. A challenging cardiovascular exercise, fencing emphasizes endurance and requires that you use several muscle groups at once, and for a significant duration. This strategy is necessary so you can defend yourself against an opponent while responding to counter attacks. Your reflexes become precise, measured and quick. Having the coordination to perform complex moves such as riposte, parry, attack and counter-riposte is vital in the sport of fencing.

  1. Fencing Works Your Mind

Rather than being a solely physical hobby, fencing is also gives you a superb mental workout as well. It increases your concentration as well as your mental stamina. Your alertness is honed to a level that is not possible with other sports. With the complex physical moves that fencing demands, your mind becomes sharper in order to deliver the moves necessary to best your opponent. When you undertake the sport of fencing, you’ll also increase your powers of observation as you gain a clearer understanding of strategy and fine-tune your ability to problem solve.

  1. Fencing Offers a Social Outlet

Not only will you have the opportunity to compete against others you’ll also be able to take advantage of a dynamic social circle of like-minded individuals. While the desire to excel and be the best at the sport are enhanced, this attribute is combined with sportsmanship and integrity to give you a well-rounded experience.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for taking up the sport of fencing, however,  is the fact that it provides you with a fun way to stay in shape. Think about it: would you rather be sweating away jogging or having fun with a foil?