As a parent, you want to give every advantage to your child that you can. Kid’s fencing is great since it can assist your child in building up their strength on many different levels. There are not a lot of sports that offer your child both a physical and a mental challenge, while at the same time building their social skills, confidence and academic future. This is exactly what your child will experience when they participate in fencing.

Kids Fencing and Body Awareness

With its thrusting and rapid footwork, fencing is much like a dance, and helps your child to develop a sense of whole body awareness. They will not only learn how to position their body, but will be aware of how they are positioned in relation to their opponent. This body awareness goes far beyond fencing, and is a part of overall healthy living. At the Silversword Fencing Academy, your child will be encouraged to be aware of their body and how awesome of a machine it is, while developing healthy attitudes and eating habits.

Mental Benefits of Kid’s Fencing

Even though it is truly a very physical sport, fencing also has a whole other layer to it that is mental. It will improve your child’s strategic thinking and discipline in academics. Each move of fencing by the opponent spurs a response and reaction from your child. The key is they will learn to think strategically so they can score a point. With plenty of training and guidance from their coach during practice, the biggest challenge is when they face their opponent. All the thinking here is independent, meaning your child will have to learn how to be intuitive, focus and stay in the moment. The sport will teach your children to think on their feet, which is a skill that is not only valuable, but that will stick with them throughout their lives, which will help them socially, academically and at the workplace.

Start them young....perhaps this is a bit too young!

Start them young….perhaps this is a bit too young!


At Silversword Academy, we believe that starting your children out with kid’s fencing is quite important, as these are informative years where they can best begin to learn the techniques and skills that are required in fencing. At this age it is thought the skills, which they are taught, will become second nature, improving their abilities in the sport, and throughout their lives. Kid’s development during these years is very imperative, and the skills that can be learned in fencing can be carried across all aspects of their lives.


We use various short games to capture and develop these skills at Silversword, so that we always keep your child interested and engaged without overwhelming them. We include games, which simulate fencing moves such a faint, or thrusting the foil toward the target.

Kid’s fencing help with your child’s overall coordination, confidence, and mental health. Contact us today to see how we can help your child to develop skills that will stay with them throughout their lives.