Wow what a year 2019 has been for Silversword!

Thank you to all our fencers and their families for your support and friendship and we look forward to doing it all again in 2019.

Silversword is a relatively modest sized club with around 40 fencers aged 5- 55+ of whom a handful compete at state, national and international levels.

Coordination , fencing specific movement and our understanding of distance and timing has been a real focus for us this year.  So we were delighted to see these skills on show at the end of year club competition, demonstrating just how hard you have all worked and how much everyone has improved. More importantly, the spirit of friendship and fun is so evident at every session and it makes it a joy to come to club and see all of our family have a wonderful time.

Our competitive fencers continued to enjoy success on the state, national and international stage this year too. We highlight some of their achievements below. Well done to you all

·         Loredana Garner – ranked 1st in NSW (u8 foil)

·         Jozal Karopur – ranked 2nd in NSW (u8 foil)

Our state under 8 champions – Jozal and Loredana

Both these girls had the opportunity to represent their state in teams this year and they fenced to the very best of their abilities. As importantly, neither of them ever lost their spirit of play, inquiry and good sportmanship. Well done girls!

·         Ashlin Stokes – ranked 3rd in NSW (u14 foil), 5th in NSW (u15 foil)

Ashlin has achieved many successes this year and her greatest achievement has been her commitment and tenacity to improve her own game, to listen and to learn and to keep trying even when things get tough. This is the stuff champions are made from. Well done!

·         Courtney Buchanan – selected to the Australian u20 women’s epee team for 2019/20. Courtney competed as part of the Aust Open team in the Oceania Championships where the team defeated NZ to win gold.

o   Australian Rankings are:  5th in u20s,  4th in u23s and 9th in Open women’s epee.

Courtney took 2 months off fencing this year for University studies, making these achievements a reflection of her determination and work ethic. She is of course also a SFA coach and has refereed at AFC events this year as well as NSWFA events. Well done! And good luck on your tour with the Aus team as you compete in 2 world cup events in January. We are all cheering for you.

·         Tanya Buchanan – Australian Veteran 50+ ranking of 5th for Epee

·         Colleen Stokes – Australian rankings Veteran 50+ 3rd and 16th in Open women’s foil.

Our veteran ladies have fenced their socks of this year securing great national results and really focussing on improving their game. They do this whilst juggling work and children and making massive contributions to the club: Tanya with coaching and Colleen with armourer work. Thank you ladies and well done!

Finally, even our coaching team works to keep improving their skills and we are thrilled to report that our SFA head coach is now a dual weapon qualified coach being nationally accredited for both epee and foil. Well done Arash – we are always proud of you!

Thank you to all our coaching team: Arash, Julia, Courtney, Mitch, Mei-Mei and Tanya. Thank you to our Armourer, Colleen and to Ali for just being Ali! We were grateful and thrilled during the year to receive fitness support from Junior – and we hope this will continue into 2020 as only good things can come from improved strength and fitness.

See you all on the piste in 2020. Have a safe, restful and wonderful festive season.

From all of us at the SFA family.