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  • Dr Arash Karpour
    (Foil, Saber, and Epee)
    Nationally Accredited Coach
    Senior First Aid Officer

Biography of Dr Arash Karpour

Dr Arash Karpour is a pioneering fencing instructor in Australia and the founder of the Silversword Fencing Academy. He incorporates the Montessori philosophy into his training programs, catering to students of all ages. The Silversword Academy offers comprehensive training programs for various age groups and fitness levels, with a special focus on the sport, theatre, and motion picture industries.

 Over the years, Dr Karpour has provided numerous valuable services to his members and the community:

  •  Australian coach for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.
  • Coaching NSW state representative students.
  • Training Australian national representatives.
  • Mentoring Commonwealth Games representatives.
  • Instructing stunt men and women for movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean (Screened 2017).
  • Serving as a fencing instructor at the local TV channel for “Joyce’s World.”
  • Conducting workshops for the Caringbah School of Art and Theatre.
  • Collaborating with the Sydney Morning Show to choreograph sword fighting for various occasions.
  • Collaborating with Cronulla Theatre to choreograph sword fighting for multiple plays.
  • Providing recreational sport opportunities for high schools and primary schools in the Sydney region.
  • Training coaches and instructors.

Dr Karpour’s approach to training is rooted in customizing sessions to each individual’s potential and interests, creating a motivating and enriching experience.

 Born into a family with a long history of swordsmanship in Iran, Dr Karpour’s great grandfather, Sardar Kermani, was known as the “defender of the city” for leading a resistance force of swordsmen/gunmen against the British occupation. Swordsmanship and the “way of the sword” were passed down through generations in the family.

 Following in the footsteps of his father and three uncles, who were training for the national team, Arash began boxing and fencing at a young age. One of his uncles even represented Iran in fencing at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.

 By 16, Arash was part of the state team for both boxing and fencing and was a member of the junior fencing national team. He has represented Australia in numerous Asian fencing championships.

 Having collaborated with esteemed European fencing maestros, including Di Ciolo, Piccini, and Shabakesaaz, Arash has gained invaluable experience and knowledge to enhance his teaching.

 Dr Karpour’s dedication to the fencing community goes beyond mere recognition or personal gain. It is a way of life, a discipline that embodies routine, consistency, dedication, and healthy habits. Following the teachings from ancient swordsmanship manuals, he believes in continuously moving forward, regardless of the challenges encountered. Dr Arash Karpour’s steadfast commitment is to pass on his philosophy and expertise to his dedicated students, enriching their lives both on and off the fencing strip.