Many people see sport fencing as just another game, or an old-fashioned sport. But, there is a reason sport fencing is still popular in a time when fights are won with mechanical tools and keyboards.

Personal Responsibility

For fencers on a team, there is a unique level of personal responsibility. In most other sports, one player relies on another to pass them a ball or play defensive and protect them. In fencing, there is an obligation to the team, but it doesn’t rely on what another team player might do. Each fencer stands on their own, literally. And they aren’t just obligated to do their best as far as athletic performance, but also when it comes to integrity. That means each fencer is a piece of the puzzle unto themselves, with the ability to impact the way other players are seen.

Assessing Opponents

As each player steps to the mat, they take the time to look their opponent over, and assess how they might best proceed. Practicing this method also helps them assess social situations and whether they should need to take a defensive position. It happens after a certain amount of practice, and adopting fencing habits that carry over into social situations.

Determining Fair Play

Just like in social situations, there are some lines you don’t cross in fencing. Not only will they not earn you points, but you can lose the respect of other fencers and observers. When this happens in more areas than one of your life, boundaries become automatic habits rather than something you need to think about.

Spacial Awareness

Behind the mask, the fencer is constantly assessing distance, their own position, and their opponent’s stance. Again, these methods carry over into social situations so that fencers are more aware of their relationship with the world around them, even after the mask comes off.

Like many other sports, sport fencing is about more than just athletic ability. There is an personal integrity involved that carries over into other areas of life, and leaves the fencer more poised and aware than they might have been without sport fencing.