Silversword, a Sydney Fencing Academy is excited to announce the launch the school’s program for sports afternoons at your school, in your regular sports timetable.


Silversword is a fencing academy that was established in 2002 by Dr Arash Karpour and Julia Karpour. It began in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and ran school programs in various schools in the area including Sydney Boys, Sydney Girls, Mosman High and Sydney Grammar. Since then, we have taken our teachings to an international stage, opening and running a club in Indonesia to promote integration and friendship between the various nationalities found there. We returned to Australia and opened up two clubs – one in Engadine and one in Helensburgh. Many fencers on the current state squad are current Silversword fencers or had their beginnings with us. We have students competing in various levels – all the way up to the Commonwealth Games!


We will provide your school with:

  • A Nationally Accredited Fencing coach
  • Quality programs written by a university-qualified teacher
  • All equipment – Masks, Protective Equipment and Swords


  • At your school


  • During your sports time
  • For specialized PD/H/PE lessons
  • Whole or Half day incursions


  • Fencing requires rapid and accurate decision making while carrying out the physical aspects of the sport. This process has been found to be one of only a few sports to stimulate higher order thinking.
  • Continuously improves gross and fine motor skills.
  • Improves balance and coordination.
  • Fencing is SAFE.
  • Improves physical health.
  • Enjoyable and unique.


  • Contact Julia Karpour on 0478076922 or Julia_royal@yahoo.com.au for further information or to book a meeting. A representative from the Silversword Fencing Academy can come to your school to discuss classes, programs, and costs. We can also bring equipment for inspection.


  • The New South Wales Fencing Association runs Grand Prix and Schools State Champion competitions throughout the year among the schools. Students who progress to an intermediate standard would be encouraged to represent their school at the state and national level .

For further information go to:Silversword Fencing Academy logo 2015 copy2


Or contact Julia on 0421194199