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How to Practice Fencing at Home


Your first fencing lessons are incredibly exciting. The new knowledge is overwhelming yet interesting and leaves a lot of new fencers feeling inspired to practice fencing at home. Don’t. While you may want to practice as often as possible, the beginning months of your training should be limited to...

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Improving Your Cardiovascular Endurance for Fencing


Watch any two fencers, in practice or in competition, and it’s easy to see how much physical effort goes into what they are doing. In order to become a strong fencer, one must focus on conditioning. There is a lot of muscular conditioning necessary to maintain great footwork, but...

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Please Reconsider Before Dropping Fencing from Your Schedule


Life is busy. Very busy. Children and teens today have schedules that rival the ones we had at their ages; many rivaling the ones we keep as adults. It’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed and start looking for ways to cut back, save time, minimize back-and-forth travel, and simply...

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Silversword International Foil Clinic 2018


The SilverSword Fencing Academy would like to invite you to their first International Foil Clinic for Fencers. Our guest coach this year will be Simone Piccini from the Antonio Di Colio Fencing Club in Pisa. We will be running a four-day intensive training program for intermediate to advanced students....

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Fencing 101: Safety Rules


One of the number one concerns in any fencing class, no matter the style, is safety of the student. From rules of engagement to the wearing of protective gear, each fencing guideline is designed to enhance the safety of the participants and the spectators. Proper Attire When Fencing Proper...

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Silversword Fencing Academy – 2017 End of the Year Report


The NSW Fencing Calendar has been completed and this year saw our club post some very credible results. Overall, our club finished in 6th (out of 28) position in NSW. This is an excellent result by a small, regional club and reflects the attitude of our fencers to have...

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Silversword Fencing Academy – Local Fencers Succeed at National Team Championships


 Last weekend 4 of the Helensburgh based  Silversword Fencing Academy fencers competed in the u17 and u15 National Championships in Perth. Courtney Buchanan, Jonas Dowson, Sarah Mitchell and Jack van Vreumingen all represented NSW in the national teams championship with some impressive results. Buchanan competed in the u17 womens...

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Fencing Equipment and Readiness for New Fencers


Beginner fencers need to have some basic fencing equipment to get started, but it’s important not to invest too much before you become familiar with your personal style and preference. Safety is of the utmost importance, so the proper clothing and protection is a must. For weapons, the requirements...

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Fitness and Development Kids to Adolescents


When it comes to fitness and development, kids and adolescents have different needs than adults. That’s why it’s important that any trainer or coach recognize the differences and plan accordingly. For instance, when it comes to lifting weights, up through adolescence, there should be limits on the amount of weight...

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Silversword Fencing Academy – Beginning of a Successful Journey in Montreal


Silversword Fencing Academy – Canada is the Sydney’s Silversword Fencing Academy’s sister based in Montreal. Mr. Yousef Alagheband the academy’s international coach started the branch in Montreal at the beginning of 2016. The academy’s seasoned coach demonstration for skill and passion for fencing very quickly attracted a warm welcome from...