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Fencing 101: How to Avoid Burnout

We know how much you love fencing. We also know how difficult it is...

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Fencing: It’s Not All About Competition Season

While tournament season is an exciting time for fencers of all ages, competition isn’t...

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Silversword Fencing Academy Report – January to July 2018

At SFA we like to focus on progress towards good fencing. This means that...

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Fencing 101: Hygiene Etiquette

While it may seem like a common sense issue that shouldn’t need to be...

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How to Be a More Supportive Fencing Parent

All parents want to see their children do well in sports. It doesn’t matter...

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Silversword Handicaps Championships April 2018

Silversword Fencing Academy Championship The end of Term 1 arrived and, by popular demand,...