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Is Fencing a Dangerous Sport?

One of the questions we are frequently asked, especially by new fencers and parents,...

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Preparing for Your First Fencing Competition: What to Expect

You’ve spent months preparing and the big day is coming soon — your first...

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6 Reasons We All Need to Lose from Time to Time

Winning is definitely an incredible feeling, and it’s great reward for hard work and...

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The Future is Here: Lightsaber Fencing

Love Star Wars? Spend hours imagining yourself in the midst of a heart-pounding lightsaber...

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What You Need to Know About That Referee

You love them. You hate them. They’re the referees at your child’s fencing tournament...

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How to Keep Your Cool Before a Tournament

It doesn’t matter what sport you’re participating in, fencing or otherwise. Nerves are a...