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Sport Fencing Terms That Matter

01/12/2016By 0 Comments

As a beginning sport fencer there are fencing terms and words that will confuse you at first. Because fencing is a traditionally French sport, it only makes sense that so many of the terms are French. But never fear, you don’t need to learn a new language—just get a...

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Fencing: Prepare Your Mind as Well as Your Body

15/11/2016By 0 Comments

When you first start learning the sport of fencing, it’s easy to focus on the footwork and various techniques. If you’re especially enthusiastic, you might even start spending more time in the gym in order to build up your muscles and become physically stronger. If you’re like many people,...

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Fencing: A Mental Fitness Game, Too?

13/10/2016By 0 Comments

If you’re familiar with fencing, you already know that this highly artistic sport and hobby is good for your body. Whether you’re sparring competitively or just practicing, those feints, appels and attacks require you to expend a significant amount of energy, so even a 30-minute session can turn into...

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Fencing Foil History

30/09/2016By 0 Comments

The fencing foil has long been used in sword training. In fact, it get its name from the way that swords were detailed in order to make them safer to train with. Today, it’s one of the most popular forms of fencing that is used in training and competition....

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History of the Sabre

07/09/2016By 0 Comments

Fencing has a long and colorful history, starting over 3,000 years ago in Egypt. The history of the sabre (or saber) is an evolution based on actual combat. It has a distinct advantage over other fencing options, which is why it is often among the first weapons a student...

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Miles Chamley-Wilson Changes the Face of Fencing

02/08/2016By 0 Comments

When US Olympian  Miles Chamley-Watson took his first fencing class, it wasn’t because he had any real interest in the sport. It wasn’t even because he felt like the outfits were cool. It was because he was getting into too much trouble doing anything else. Like any kid, he...

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Fencing and Other Team Sports

15/07/2016By 0 Comments

There is no doubt that there is some value to a child playing team sports. Fencing is just as valuable as other team sports and in some ways, even more so. This is because of the individual element involved in fencing. Rather than all players working toward a goal...

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Is Fencing Still Popular?

30/06/2016By 0 Comments

Fencing, like many other classic hobbies, has become somewhat of a refined hobby. It is still popular, but not necessarily used as a survival tool as it once was. However, it still serves more than one fundamental purpose that all people can benefit from. Assessing Situations During a fencing...

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Manners in Fencing

22/05/2016By 0 Comments

When it comes to manners in fencing, there are specific elements that not only benefit the sport and the individuals participating in it, but can also be of benefit outside the classroom. This is especially true because fencing encompasses a sort of elegance and level of respect that you...