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5 Tips for Being Lighter on Your Feet

14/05/2017By 0 Comments

One of the most important attributes of any sport is good footwork. When it comes to fencing, speed and quickness are important but being light on your feet is paramount. Here are some ways to step up your footwork game. Take Your Shoes Off It sounds silly, but your...

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3 Common Misconceptions about Fencing

05/05/2017By 0 Comments

Fencing is a sport of agility, takes considerable skill, and does a lot to train both the mind and body. Despite all of the positive benefits of participation, there are still a myriad of misconceptions out there about the sport. Let’s put a few to rest today. Fencing is...

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3 Reasons You Should Take Up the Sport of Fencing This Winter

13/04/2017By 0 Comments

As April soon gives way to May with the approach of winter, you might feel the stretch of underworked muscles and wonder how you can keep your competitive edge and stay in shape during the cold months. The sport of fencing is undertaken indoors, and offers a number of...

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6 Things Only Fencers Will Understand

07/04/2017By 0 Comments

We’ve talked a bit about fencing with kids, attending tournaments, and what fencing gear to buy. This time around, let’s have a bit of fencing fun instead. If you’re a seasoned fencer, you know that the sport comes with certain facts that can be pretty humorous. Our involvement in...

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Tips for Travelling to Fencing Tournaments With Kids

15/03/2017By 0 Comments

Is your little one excelling at fencing? Congratulations! You just might have a real prodigy on your hands. If you’re considering entering your first tournament or competition, know that often at least a modicum of travel is required. When you have children in tow, both long and short trips...

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Learn Fencing at School

10/02/2017By 0 Comments

Most of us can remember being taught some specific skills or sports during our physical education class that might have led us to follow up with more training and a passion for a specific sport. Some of the sports and skills introduced may have been gymnastics, wrestling or even...

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Fencing in the Olympics

25/01/2017By 0 Comments

Sport fencing has a long and colorful history. Something that many don’t know is that fencing is one of the original Olympic Games, having been a competition since the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. This is a very versatile sport that features different categories within the Olympic parameters...

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How Early Can a Child Begin Sport Fencing?

14/01/2017By 0 Comments

Many parents choose to have their children participate in team sports from an early age. This helps the child learn about teamwork, achieving goals, and sportsmanship. Fencing is not typically considered a team sport. This athletic endeavor is more for helping a child achieve personal goals, taking personal responsibility...

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Sport Fencing: A Challenge for Yourself

05/01/2017By 0 Comments

When most think of sport fencing or sword fighting they tend to picture parrying and thrusting against an opponent. Yes, this is what fencing is about but the challenges of the sport are less about the opponent and more about the individual. Time Sport fencing is a very precise...