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Lifelong Skills Gained from Fencing

14/10/2017By 0 Comments

Most parents are aware that playing sports is a good way to develop skills that will help their child socially and academically. Sport fencing is an individual and team activity that offers benefits and skills that will be used throughout your child’s life. There is so much more to...

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Social Skills Gained From Fencing

05/10/2017By 0 Comments

Many people see sport fencing as just another game, or an old-fashioned sport. But, there is a reason sport fencing is still popular in a time when fights are won with mechanical tools and keyboards. Personal Responsibility For fencers on a team, there is a unique level of personal...

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Sport Fencing Teaches You How to Use Other Swords

14/09/2017By 0 Comments

Just as the longsword and shield were the weapon of choice for knights, the Epee is the weapon of choice among those in sport fencing. It doesn’t bear much resemblance to most other swords, aside from its fundamental form. It’s incredibly thin, long, and lightweight, which is nothing at...

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Why Fencers Put Their Right Foot First

07/09/2017By 0 Comments

Posture and form are among the most important things to master in any martial art. Fencing teaches fencers to fight with their right foot in front. Why not the left foot? To understand why fencers place their right foot in front you’ll need a short history lesson. Left Foot...

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Is the Sport of Fencing Dangerous?

03/08/2017By 0 Comments

There are dangers in almost every sport, but the sport of fencing has fewer than most. It’s not just the training, but the protective gear and competition methodology that make this sport among the safest out there. Protective Fencing Gear From the fencing mask or helmet right down to...

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Help Your Child Practice Fencing

20/07/2017By 0 Comments

There are some unexpected benefits from helping your child practice fencing. Just like school, the lessons need to be practiced at home if they are to become an inherent part of the child’s skills and personality. And there are rewards you may not be able to get or give...

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Fencing Equipment and Readiness for New Fencers

14/07/2017By 0 Comments

Beginner fencers need to have some basic fencing equipment to get started, but it’s important not to invest too much before you become familiar with your personal style and preference. Safety is of the utmost importance, so the proper clothing and protection is a must. For weapons, the requirements...

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Fitness and Development Kids to Adolescents

06/07/2017By 0 Comments

When it comes to fitness and development, kids and adolescents have different needs than adults. That’s why it’s important that any trainer or coach recognize the differences and plan accordingly. For instance, when it comes to lifting weights, up through adolescence, there should be limits on the amount of weight...

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How to Deal with Athletes Choking

14/06/2017By 0 Comments

Choking – the psychological kind, not the physical kind – is a serious issue for athletes, especially in sports like fencing where razor-sharp focus is a must. When an athlete “chokes,” they essentially freeze up and find it intensely difficult to make decisions, especially the kind of split-second decisions...