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Improving Your Cardiovascular Endurance for Fencing

15/03/2018By 0 Comments

Watch any two fencers, in practice or in competition, and it’s easy to see how much physical effort goes into what they are doing. In order to become a strong fencer, one must focus on conditioning. There is a lot of muscular conditioning necessary to maintain great footwork, but...

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Please Reconsider Before Dropping Fencing from Your Schedule

07/03/2018By 0 Comments

Life is busy. Very busy. Children and teens today have schedules that rival the ones we had at their ages; many rivaling the ones we keep as adults. It’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed and start looking for ways to cut back, save time, minimize back-and-forth travel, and simply...

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5 Great Fencing Blogs You Should Follow

14/02/2018By 0 Comments

Just getting into the world of fencing? Have you been participating for a while but want to learn more? There are quite a number of incredible resources on the web, like fencing blogs that provide great insight into the world of fencing, offering tips, criticisms, and inspiration for advanced...

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Fencing 101: Safety Rules

06/02/2018By 0 Comments

One of the number one concerns in any fencing class, no matter the style, is safety of the student. From rules of engagement to the wearing of protective gear, each fencing guideline is designed to enhance the safety of the participants and the spectators. Proper Attire When Fencing Proper...

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Learning Proper Fencing Etiquette

14/01/2018By 0 Comments

One of the first things your fencing coaches should teach you is proper etiquette. Proper fencing etiquette should be practiced during regular training and, as such, will become second nature when you are at a tournament or event. While there aren’t a lot of fancy movements to remember, most...

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Building Better Relationships within the Fencing Community

05/01/2018By 0 Comments

The fencing community is small yet mighty; growing, but still a close-knit group. It is rare to walk into a fencing school or competition and get the sensation that there is dissent among competitors, and this is for good reasons. We all recognize that we are a part of...

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Preventing Common Fencing Injuries

14/12/2017By 0 Comments

There is risk of injury, small or large, with any sport. While fencing is safe in theory, everyone serious about the sport will tell you a story about an injury sustained during his career, whether in training or in competition. Knowing a little bit about what fencing injuries are...

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4 Reasons to Give Fencing a Try

05/12/2017By 0 Comments

The sport of fencing artfully combines physical power and intellect into a competition that is not only fun to watch (or participate in) but incredibly healthy as well. Whether you love other sports or have struggled to fit in, you may just find that fencing is the missing piece...

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Homeschooling with Fencing

14/11/2017By 0 Comments

Homeschooling means overcoming challenges that may not be faced in public schools, like plentiful socializing or physical activity. That’s not to say it’s not the best choice for some, with some creative problem solving. Homeschooling with fencing may just be the best solution for some homeschool students who want...