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Are You Distracting Your Child During Practice?

14/01/2019By 0 Comments

Let’s start this out by making one point clear — we love it when parents take an interest in what their kids are doing, and we encourage parents to watch practices. Occasionally, though, your presence may be distracting your child or hindering their progress. Here’s what you need to...

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3 Ways to Take Your Fencing Practice to the Next Level in 2019

03/01/2019By 0 Comments

The New Year is here! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and had a fabulous time celebrating with family and friends. We know you probably have a few resolutions or goals that pertain to your fencing practice, so here we are to offer a few more suggestions as...

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Travel Considerations for Competitive Fencers

14/12/2018By 0 Comments

There is nothing easy about competition season. Training takes a ton of hard work and dedication and then, just to add to the stress, there is often a lot of travel involved. These tips will help you to plan for a healthy and less stressful tournament season. Plan Around...

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4 Cool Holiday Gift Ideas for Fencers

01/12/2018By 0 Comments

The holiday season is here. Whether you have a new or seasoned fencer in your life, you are probably wondering exactly what type of gift would really appeal to their tastes. We have some easy but cool ideas to get you started. Private Lessons We get it — we...

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Fencing and Social Media: A Guide for Parents

14/11/2018By 0 Comments

Your child has really grown during their fencing lessons. You love watching their training sessions and competitions are exciting and fun for you as a parent, too. You’ve tried to document every aspect of his training with photos of new uniforms and gear and looks of sheer determination. But...

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Don’t Hide Your Passion for Fencing

03/11/2018By 0 Comments

So you’ve started taking fencing lessons and you’re falling in love with your new hobby. The problem? Not a lot of people you know really know about or understand fencing and you’re not sure how to share your new hobby without boring them to tears. Don’t hide your love...

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5 Tips for New Fencing Students

14/10/2018By 0 Comments

As a new fencing student, it’s important you develop strong practice habits from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter if you’re training casually or gearing up for your first tournament. Developing strong technique early on will make it easier for you to transition into a heavier practice schedule or...

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Fencing 101: How to Avoid Burnout

02/10/2018By 0 Comments

We know how much you love fencing. We also know how difficult it is to balance work or school, fencing, and other life obligations. While serious fencers need to spend a lot of time in practice, they also know how important it is to step away from time to...

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How to Stay Energized and Focused on Long Fencing Days

14/09/2018By 0 Comments

Whether you’re at a long training clinic or away at a tournament, there are some days in your fencing career that are going to be just plain long. True fatigue can have a huge impact not only on your physical abilities, but your mental strength as well. The activity,...