SilverSword Fencing Academy – Class 2014

SilverSword Fencing Academy Although the SilverSword Fencing Academy performed a Marko-Polo travelling routine up until June 2014 – moving across the globe to expand the club as well as the techniques and teachings, the 2014 Sydney class exceeded expectations with their turn out in numbers and the rate of progress of their students. The Sutherland […]

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Fencing Games Videos

fencing games videos

Fencing games videos This is how to teach adolescence hand-eye coordination as well as fencing skills through games and fun activities.   Watch more fencing games videos on our YouTube channel or visit our Facebook page for more fencing games videos. Read more interesting articles about fencing on our blog and our Instagram page.

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Silversword Musketeer Fencing Game

  The emphasis of the sport of fencing is on individual performance. Even in competition, team events are the collective results of individuals fencing each other in a single queue. Ever since 2002, I have been trying to design a fencing game where a team of fencers faces their opponents as a simultaneous, collective team, […]

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10 Benefits of Fencing Sport for Children

10 Benefits of Fencing for Childeran

Fencing Sport Benefits This is a nice article and an easy read by Veronika Aleksova about the benefits of fencing sport for kids. I think it very well applies to all ages. For those of you training at Silversword or thinking about joining us, the article is your motivation and positive encouragement. Enjoy reading. Fencing […]

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Sword Engraving – Ancient Art of Engraving on a Sword’s Guard

Sword Engraving

Sword Engraving youtube link:   A brief demonstration of ancient Persian sword engraving (Ghalam-zani) on the guard of a sword. This is the first time this art form has been placed on a fencing foil guard. This endeavour was sponsored by the SilverSword Fencing Academy. Order your foil guard now from our online shop. […]

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Fencing Apps for Smartgadgets

  Fencers who own a smartgadget will be happy to know that there are fencing apps on the mobile market. Whether you’re looking for help in maintaining your equipment or an app that can keep track of match points, you will find what you’re looking for within the mobile market. Here are several options that […]

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Fencing Apps for Smartgadgets

Fencing Apps for Smartgadgets Fencers who own a smartgadget will be happy to know that there are apps on the mobile market that are specially made for fencing. Whether you’re looking for help fixing your swords or an app that can keep track of scores in bouts, you will find what you’re looking for within […]

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Silversword Fencing Academy is Back!

sydney fencing club

Silversword Fencing Academy   Greetings friends, fans, students and parents! Silversword Fencing Academy is back from overseas and will be commencing classes for 2014. Location: Sutherland PCYC Time: Saturday 10th of May Will see you soon    

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Which one is better; long sword or curved sword?

The Shamshir long sword

Any sword ever made is a result of a series of compromises that depends on the application and the characteristics of that sword. Technology and talent of the craftsmen at that time had a great effect on the design of sword. There are tradeoffs every time a sword design must place one characteristic above another. […]

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Advantages of long sword

A long sword might lack the swinging power and the swiftness of the curved sword however it has other applications and advantages. A longer reach and thrusting ability is one of many advantages of the long sword. It is proven that a thrusting stab is lot harder to defend against. The long sword inflicts a […]

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